Welcome to The Brooks Street House ...

Let the rolling green hills of Oregon wine country take you away. Set against the backdrop of the verdant Willamette Valley, the Brooks Street House in McMinnville is your perfect getaway. Whether you’re planning a surprise romantic retreat in the heart of winter or a summertime tour of local wineries with friends, your home away from home awaits.

In a town with turn-of-the-century charm at every corner, this renovated farmhouse is a vintage luxury retreat fit for even the most fastidious visitors. The Brooks Street House has been completely remodeled and designed with you in mind. A warm, open living room welcomes you like a hug from a loved one. The kitchen beckons you to come in, make a cup of coffee and rejuvenate. The bedrooms, designed with precise attention to detail, offer instant relief from the stresses of day-to-day life. So come in, take off your shoes and let the enchantment of the Willamette Valley seep in during your Brooks Street House stay.

History of The Brooks Street House

The Brooks Street House was originally built in the late 1800s, where one young McMinnville couple, a Mr. and Mrs. Lowban, decided to settle down. They soon gave birth to two boys, one of whom would grow up to become the postmaster of McMinnville while living in the very same home he grew up in. Rooted in the history of one of Oregon’s first towns, this home has been witness to two generations of families and many decades worth of changes in Yamhill County life.

Though most of the home was entirely remodeled in 2013, the Brooks Street House remains one of McMinnville’s most historic pieces of real estate, and maintains its original, rustic farmhouse charm. One of the oldest pieces in the home is the vintage claw foot bathtub, which is perfectly suited for a relaxing soak that just might bring about memories of a time much quieter and simpler in our beautiful town of McMinnville.